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by Richard Burch. 

Though the effects of the current 3-year long Uranus-Pluto square may be starting to wane, the last of seven occurrences of this aspect is on 17 Mar 2015, just seven weeks before the election is due. So it will colour the background, particularly since it falls at 15°17', exactly opposite and square David Cameron's Sun, presenting extra challenges for him and his party, but maybe keeping him in power. On 1 Nov 2013 (on the exact 20th anniversary of the European Union coming into force) the fourth and central Uranus-Pluto aspect fell at 9°25', square and conjunct the UK 1066 and 1801 Suns, suggesting long-term, deep-seated change. This may take several years of transition and upheaval. Nevertheless the immediate result following election day should be discernible from the two charts for the start and close of the polls.

Start of polls

The expectations and probable trends in the run-up to the election are indicated in this chart:

Conservatives/Cameron: As the existing main governing party they are shown by the first house. Mercury is strong, rising here in its own sign, though some way into the 12th house, and separating nicely from an opposition to Saturn. It is the strongest planet in the chart. In addition it is applying to trine the north node. Notably, George Osborne (perhaps the most crucial figure in any Tory victory based on perceived economic strength) is Sun Gemini. Venus in the first house also has a role, reflecting the presence of Sun Librans Cameron and Theresa May. But Venus, unaspected, weak in Gemini and at the end of the sign on a critical degree, gives some indication that Cameron's reign as leader may be coming to an end, and that May might not be able to succeed him. The Moon's final opposition to Venus further suggests rejection by the electorate.

There is undoubtedly an expectation among the Conservatives that they ought to win enough seats to form the largest party. However, Mercury makes no applying aspect to the Sun, lord of the 5th (the house of victory in a competition) nor Saturn, Lord of the 10th (house of government). There is nothing here to show success.

Labour/Miliband: As the official opposition they are shown by the 7th house and Jupiter. The setting Moon (the electorate) in their house shows that the voters are with the party, if not the leader, to some extent. But the Moon may also signify the SNP taking ground from under Labour's feet. (The next SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, is Sun Cancer.) Jupiter is on the IC (outcome) in royal Leo, which becomes the 10th house (of government) for Labour when the chart is turned 180º to read directly. It strongly suggests a Labour win, or an expectation of one at the start of the day. Perhaps it is false optimism, though. As with the Tories, their significator (Jupiter) makes no good aspect to the Sun or Saturn (whether ruling the natural 5th and 10th, or the turned 11th and 4th). Again, there is no clear victory shown here.

LibDems/Clegg: In the past, as an opposition party, Jupiter (or sometimes Uranus, even Neptune) appeared to work as their significator. Jupiter is taken this time by Miliband, and Uranus now seems highly unlikely. As part of the previously-existing government they could be shown by Venus in the first house, in which case all the remarks about the Conservative leadership based on the planet's weak position seem applicable to them too. If, however, by competing in this election independently they are allocated another planet, then their fate could alter. If allowed Jupiter, being now a part of the opposition (though that's a moot assumption) they could still be the kingmaker and partner, as Jupiter sits on the IC (final outcome) in Leo. No doubt this is what Clegg and others secretly hope or believe. If allocated Neptune, its square to Mercury (Cameron) makes a resolution tough but not impossible. However, if given the Sun (and Clegg's natal Sun at 16 CAP is exactly trine), it does not suggest another Lib-Con coalition because there's no aspect to Mercury. In fact the Sun is void-of-course in the 12th, signifying that nothing will come of it, the LibDem's record in office being their self-undoing.

UKIP/Farage: They seem to be shown by Saturn, as the most reactionary party, that nevertheless points out some unpalatable realities. Their appeal is strongest amongst older voters. Saturn in Sagittarius points to their colour being purple. Retrograde and cadent in the 6th house (concerning employment issues, the NHS and the armed forces), and easing away from an earlier opposition to Mercury (the Conservatives), they may now be experiencing a drop in support. The Moon's last conjunction was with Saturn, and her separation suggests the electorate's focus on Europe and immigration has moved on somewhat, though not yet totally.

The Greens: They seem to be shown by Venus, (and maybe Uranus too) as the party advocating a better balance within and between societies and between exploiting and preserving the Earth's resources, but also as simply the most feminist, with two female leaders. The Moon's only applying aspect (very late on) is an opposition to Venus. But Venus is weak. So although there might be an opportunity in this election to set out their stall more prominently for the voters (who in the end may be more prepared to listen), it seems the latter still won't vote for the Greens in any number.

Others: It now seems the SNP could take twenty or more seats from Labour (who currently have 41 out of the total of 59 Westminster seats). This would obviously do considerable damage to Labour's chancing of forming a government. Nationalism, with its patriotic, emotional content, seems likely to be represented by the Moon, angular here in the house of Opposition and with an opposition aspect to Venus (the Greens). If a rainbow coalition (led by Labour) were to be contemplated, it suggests that these two parties would have very different demands to be met. But the Moon in any case is well past its helpful trine to Jupiter (Miliband), so such arrangement seems fairly unlikely.

At this point, the most likely outcome seems to be an inconclusive result. It looks fairly certain that no party will form a majority. If a coalition does develop it will likely be between Labour and the LibDems, though just possibly involving the Greens and nationalist parties too.

Close of polls

The result is shown by this chart in conjunction with the first. The Moon (the electorate) has changed sign (allegiance). A decision of sorts has been made and a corner turned.

Conservatives/Cameron: They are now shown by Jupiter as first house ruler. He is situated deep in the 8th house (tax-and-spend issues, bank regulation, death duties – or even a spying or sex scandal!). Most strikingly, Saturn has arrived on the ascendant, suggesting that a limitation and capping of the Tory vote has occurred, and is due to UKIP parking its tanks on their lawn. Saturn in part signifies the Conservatives as well as UKIP, but the symbolism of the rising planet left behind by the Moon is stark for both parties. However, as Saturn now disposes Luna, it appears UKIP has had a more lasting influence on (and more notable support from) the voters than was predicted. Jupiter's applying trine to Uranus may bring an unexpected piece of good fortune for the Tories, but again their significator, Jupiter, neither receives an aspect from the Moon nor makes any aspect to the ruler of the 5th (Mars) or the 10th (Venus); and neither does Saturn.

Labour/Miliband: They are now shown by Mercury as 7th house ruler. He is strong, dignified and angular but, like the Tories, Labour has a significator that makes no aspect to either Mars or Venus (ruling both natural 5th and 10th, and turned 11th and 4th). Nor does it receive an aspect from the Moon. There's nothing here to show a convincing win for Labour, but they may just scrape home.

LibDems/Clegg: If now allocated the Sun as significator, they are in a new situation. The moon is again in play and will aspect the Sun in due course. If allocated Uranus, they may in time benefit from the trine (an offer) from Jupiter (Cameron). If they're not given Sol or Uranus, it's hard to see anything at all resulting from the election, because two other key planets, Venus and Jupiter, are still void-of-course (Mercury turns retrograde before it can sextile Jupiter). And Mars is largely spent.

The Moon makes first a sextile to Neptune, then a conjunction with Pluto, a trine to the Sun, a square to Uranus and finally a trine to Mars. For the electorate (and indeed the Queen and her advisors), they are presented with, or go through, a series of options. Neptune signifies dissolution and confusion at the outset (just possibly it stands here for Clegg and the LibDems). It could also could stand as a secondary significator for Labour (whose 1900 foundation chart has the Sun adjacent at 8 PIS) while Pluto indicates complications and power struggles. So Labour might get public support to try and form a coalition with the LibDems, but leadership complications get in the way. Then Labour could try to form a government alone - a highly challenging task – and may fail. Next, Pluto in Capricorn could stand as a secondary significator for the Tories (their 1867 foundation chart has the Sun at 19 SCO), who would be disposed by – i.e. under the thumb of – UKIP (Saturn) in any coalition talks with them. But with the recent exit of Saturn from Scorpio, its former mutual reception with Pluto no longer holds sway. So this potential Con-UKIP coalition is very unlikely to happen, given all other factors. But in desperation, with Pluto yet again squaring his natal Sun, it is just possible Cameron will capitulate to try and save his – and the Tories' – skin.

The Moon moves on to further aspects. Uranus in Aries stands for a radical new departure. But it is hard to see what this is, other than a second election. The trine to Mars, finally, prompts a question: could Mars here be seen as a secondary significator for the LibDems? In Taurus he is in detriment, weakly opposed to Saturn (UKIP) but otherwise unaspected (friendless) and depleted late in the sign (losing seats). Nevertheless, a LibDem role in any government arising – even temporarily perhaps – cannot be ruled out.

UKIP/Farage: see above under Conservatives and LibDems

The Greens: Just possibly involved in a rainbow coalition with Labour (if they have any MPs!).

Others: If symbolised by the Moon, the SNP are now in a new position (new sign) to consolidate gains made following the 2014 Scottish referendum. After a sextile to Neptune, thus helping to re-energise their dream of independence, the Moon comes, however, to a conjunction with Pluto before trining the Sun. This seems to imply complications arising in their pursuit of power or influence – but what exactly remains unclear.

At the close of play, in my judgement, the most likely outcome (though by a narrow margin) seems to be a minority Labour government. The second, somewhat less likely, outcome is a coalition of Labour and the surviving LibDems, possibly including any or all of these: the SNP, the DUP, Plaid Cymru, the Greens. Though firmly based on astrology, this prediction accords with that of most political commentators at present.

Therefore it remains probable there will be a second election a few months down the line (as happened with Labour in 1974).

Written 15 October 2014

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