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Please Note: We charge £5 (non-members, £3 members) for our monthly talks at the Friends' Meeting House to cover the cost of room hire, tea and biscuits. See the 'Welcome' page for more details of the venue and how to get there. 

Exeter Astrology Group is now meeting once a month at the Friends' Meeting House in Exeter. We meet in a large room at the FMH which allows for social distancing. All meetings are on a Sunday afternoon between 2.30-5.00PM.

Dates for 2024

14th January 2024 - Pluto in Leo/Aquarius

Pluto is due to re-enter Aquarius on 21 January 2024. This is part of a near two year transition from Pluto in Capricorn that began in March 2023. In group discussion we will look at the time in which Pluto was last in Leo (ingress 1937-1939) and see if there are any themes or contrasts with the present time.
11th February 2024 - The Astrology of Exeter

Ed will be re-visiting the astrology of Exeter, using the incorporation chart of 1537. The focus will be on using traditional mundane astrology techniques such as cardinal ingresses of the Sun, the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, and eclipses. 

Some of these techniques are explored in a blog article on the site:

10th March 2024 - General Discussion on Mundane Matters

This session was a general group discussion on mundane matters and astrology.
14th April 2024 - The Moon in Health and Wellbeing

Clanice will be leading a discussion in this session about the importance of the Moon in astrology and health and wellbeing. Clanice will be exploring the links between human emotions and physical health and the body. Clanice will also look at the role of the Moon in health issues, but also in the solutions to our health needs.
12th May 2024 - From Routine to Enlightenment: the Hidden Meaning of the 6th House

We are really pleased to welcome Ruby Glasspool as a new speaker at our group. Ruby recently spoke on this topic at the Astrological Association conference in 2023.

In weaving together the symbolism for Mercury, its joint rulership of the 3rd and 6th House, along with Virgo, 12th house and endless clues in ancient spiritual teachings, a new meaning has been found for the 6th house. This talk proposes that the 6th House is the most important house of all.
9th June 2024 -The Divine Order and Astrological Enlightenment

We are really pleased to welcome Julian Venables to speak at the group today. 

Julian presents enlightenment for astrology enthusiasts by demonstrating experiments that will show you how to shift your perception from third person Heliocentric consciousness to first person Geocentric consciousness.
This talk is an easy philosophical journey that will show you the difference between awareness and consciousness - an important consideration in this time of 'Awakening.' 
Julian's theory helps to create the bridge to unify traditional and modern psychological astrology - through an understanding of perception - of how to 'see' the world. 
This talk includes the real secret of the 'Rising sign' and what a 'Transit' really is - and also the opening of your third eye - the all-seeing eye. We will journey with Dante through the Paradise, and realise why Shakespeare called his theatre The Globe.
Julian has self-published his first groundbreaking astrology book, called "The Divine Order" - it is a beautifully produced paperback (135 pages) and you can buy a signed copy from him on his website, or on Amazon books.

Biography: Julian has been a client based astrologer for more than 25 years. He was the chairman of the Brighton Astrology Group for the last 12 years. Julian's website is https://www.londonastrologer.co.uk/ where you can book a reading, or buy a powerfully lucky talisman. Julian has cast Jupiter and Venus talismans in Pewter (Alchemical Tin) and they are very special! 
You too can own one of these and use it to enhance and increase the effects of that planet in your life. His next plan is to write books two and three of the Divine Order series. He is planning on turning the Divine Order concept into a healing workshop, and retreat, and taking it around the world. For more info Sign up on his website for his occasional free newsletter.
14th July 2024 - Natal Charts - Discussion

In this meeting we will be having a general discussion about natal charts. We will use the birth chart of Francoise Hardy, who recently passed away, and Belinda Lee, a 1950s actress born in Budleigh Salterton.

Francoise Hardy was a French actor, musician, singer, writer and astrologer. She began working seriously with astrology in the 1970s and was trained by Andre Barbault and other notable French astrologers. Hardy frequently contributed astrological articles to French magazines and newspapers.

Belinda Lee's acting career seems to have been largely forgotten, but in the 1950s and early 1960s she made an international name for herself. Unfortunately she died at an early age in a car crash. She was born and raised in Budleigh Salterton, so her life and chart provides local interest.
If time permits, we may be able to review the latest mundane astrology associated with the Biden/Trump presidential contest.

For more information on each individual see:

Francoise Hardy

August 2024 - summer break, back in September