Diary Dates

Please Note: We charge £5 (non-members, £3 members) for our monthly talks at the Friends' Meeting House to cover the cost of room hire, tea and biscuits. See the 'Welcome' page for more details of the venue and how to get there. 

Exeter Astrology Group is now meeting once a month at the Friends' Meeting House in Exeter. We meet in a large room at the FMH which allows for social distancing. All meetings are on a Sunday afternoon between 2.30-5.00PM. 

Dates for 2023

10th September 2023 - Annual General Meeting

For members only - please come along and help us plan for the coming year. There will be an Annual General Meeting, where will be able to plan sessions and discuss any key decisions for the group.
8th October 2023 - Temperament in the Chart

Ed will be leading a session on identifying temperament in the chart. Identifying an individual's temperament is an extremely helpful first step in chart analysis. In traditional astrology, temperament is fundamental to understanding the personal makeup of an individual. We will look at a couple of methods of calculating temperament, and chart examples to illustrate key points.
12th November 2023 - Exploring Psychic Ability in the Chart

Clanice will lead a session looking at the signatures of psychic ability in the chart. Are there common themes that identify an individual's sensitivity to psychic phenomena and insights?
10th December 2023 - The Year Ahead and Christmas Gathering

We will open this session with a look at the astrology of the year to come. The years in mid-decade may be ones of great transformation, with a series of outer planet ingresses happening in relatively quick succession. 2024 heralds the start of this astrological window.

We will follow this general discussion with a social gathering to conclude the afternoon.

Dates for 2024

14th January 2024 - Pluto in Leo/Aquarius

Pluto is due to re-enter Aquarius on 21 January 2024. This is part of a near two year transition from Pluto in Capricorn that began in March 2023. In group discussion we will look at the time in which Pluto was last in Leo (ingress 1937-1939) and see if there are any themes or contrasts with the present time.
11th February 2024 - The Astrology of Exeter

Ed will be re-visiting the astrology of Exeter, using the incorporation chart of 1537. The focus will be on using traditional mundane astrology techniques such as cardinal ingresses of the Sun, the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, and eclipses. 

Some of these techniques are explored in a blog article on the site:

Further session details to follow for the remainder of 2024.  
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