SWAGO – South West Astrology Group Online

***UPDATE 31st May 2023 -  - SWAGO is currently on hold and so closed to any new members for the moment. There may be occasional talks in the future which we will post as and when! 
Thanks so much to everyone who attended over the past 3 years since the pandemic started. 

Set up in response to Coronavirus, meetings are weekly, online via Zoom - Friday evening, 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Please email Louise (astrolou67 (at) gmail.com) or Debbie (debbie.hallett (at) btopenworld.com) for the SWAGO Zoom link if you  would like to join us for our public talks (generally happening once every two months) - preferably with a few details about who you are and where you are from, so we know you are an astrologer! Thanks! 
Apologies but we are not taking on new members for our weekly meetings currently in an attempt to keep numbers relatively manageable. 

SWAGO: Chart for first meeting, 20th March 2020, 7.30pm. Click to enlarge.

Upcoming meetings

Next public talk to be announced soon. 

Previous meetings

20th March 2020 – First meeting, general chat about how everyone is with coping Coronavirus changes.

27th March 2020 – Check in with everyone and time for the group to look at personal charts and transits.

3rd April 2020 - Open session

10th April 2020 - Open session

17th April 2020 -  Mundane Charts with planets around the Pluto/Saturn conjunction degree, and Solar Returns of Nations.

24th April 2020 – Solar Returns of the group members.

1st May 2020 – General chat, brief look at Jupiter-Pluto.

8th M - ay 2020 – Out of Bounds planets

15th May 2020 – Draconic Charts

22nd May 2020 – Guest Speaker Chris MitchellIntroduction to Medieval Astrology

29th May 2020 - Open Session

5th June 2020 - Eclipses

12th June 2020 - Eclipses continued. Also topical subjects - UK statue toppling, UK chart. Planet speeds (Ed) 

19th June 2020 - 

26th June 2020 - 

3 July 2020

10th July 2020 - Lunar Nodes

17th July 2020 -  The Vertex

24th July 2020 -  Ed: Presidential Midheaven

31st July 2020 - Outer Planet Transits - Pluto, Neptune and Uranus

7th August 2020  - Outer Planet Transits - Pluto, Neptune and Uranus (cont)

14th August 2020 - Chiron in the natal chart and by transit. 

21st August 2020
 - Open session

28th August 2020 - The Centaurs - Phollus, Nessus, Chariklo. 

4th September 2020 - Florence Nightingale - Ed & Louise (and anyone else who wants to contribute) 

11th September 2020 - Regulus in Virgo - talk by Ed. 

18th September 2020 - Open session 

25th September 2020
 - 'Cosmic Serpent' - guest speaker Lindsay Gladstone. (Further details to follow)