Membership of Exeter Astrology Group (EAG) is open to anyone who completes an application form and pays the relevant joining fee, which is currently £5.

The joining fee is determined by members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held in September of each year. Membership discounts and benefits are decided at the AGM. Currently the benefits consist of a discounted admission price for the seminar we occasionally run in the spring and free admission to the AGM. Only members may attend the AGM.

Membership is payable annually in September. It is a fixed fee for the twelve-month period. Part-fees – for periods of less than twelve months – are not offered.

EAG members are expected to uphold the objectives of the group, which are to foster and promote the understanding of astrology at all levels. They should respect the views and opinions of other members and act courteously towards them at all times. Membership may be withdrawn if a member's behaviour falls short of these standards. This applies both to interaction within the group and on social media.

For a copy of our constitution please click here.

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Our constitution signing chart is below:


Constitution Signing Chart: 22 May 2014, 13:13, Exeter

For a sample of our talks from March 2016-August 2016 click here

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