Wednesday 7 November 2012

Obama the Navigator

Some of you might remember me bringing in Obama's visual astrology chart when he first announced he was running for president, probably in 2006.  He has Canopus as his rising star - the star that rises with the sun & the guiding star of his life.  Canopus is the second brightest star in the sky but it doesn't rise this far north.  His birth-place is much further south so Canopus rises there but, amazingly, is only the heliacal rising star for two days in the year - 4th & 5th August in the year of his birth.

I said back then that if Obama didn't win the election I thought he would have a significant role to play in other ways.  Whilst I wouldn't want to detract from his win today, I think that his role as a navigator may only start when he leaves office.  That might just be because I have a very low opinion of politics, of course.  However, politicians are usually hamstrung by a variety of people and circumstances which mean they never quite achieve what they promise.

Canopus, by the way, is only the second brightest star in the sky because Sirius - the brightest - is very near to us.  Canopus is a long way away but is immense. It's in the constellation of Argo Navis, a huge southern constellation which figures in many mythologies, reaching back into antiquity.   Canopus himself was the chief pilot of Menelaus' fleet and died on his return from the Trojan War.

Obama has many other strong star contacts, by the way, which is hardly surprising.

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