Friday 17 January 2014

Venus returning

Since around the year 2000 I've been keeping an eye out for significant events occurring around the heliacal rising of Venus, when she returns to the morning sky. According to Bruce Scofield in Signs of Time, there can often be plane crashes, but specifically ones caused by pilot error or rash behaviour (remember – this is the rash, brash and sometimes aggressive face of Venus). Apparently the ancient Mesoamericans believed that the rays of heliacal rising Venus were so dangerous they boarded up their doors and windows, and even blocked their chimneys, to avoid being struck down by them. Thus the heliacal rising can also coincide with someone being 'struck down' by death or illness, or being brought low, most likely by scandal.

2006 was an interesting year in terms of the Venus cycle.  There was a Sun-Venus inferior conjunction on 13th January and Venus emerged from the Sun's beams around the 19th. One person brought low during this period was the former MP Mark Oaten. He announced his bid for leadership of the Liberal Democrats on 10th January, following the resignation of then-leader Charles Kennedy. Then on 18th January, he became embroiled in a row about the leaking of an email. On 19th January he withdrew from the contest, citing lack of support for his candidacy. And on 21st January the News of the World ran a story about his involvement with a male prostitute a couple of years earlier, with further allegations following over the next few days. Oaten resigned from the Lib Dem front bench on 21st January 2006 and left Parliament at the 2010 election.

This next example is not of a heliacal rising, but of a Venus return which is also the completion of a Venus cycle after a gap of eight years: 

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 I had originally thought that Ariel Sharon had been 'struck down' by the rays of a newly birthed Venus in 2006, but when I checked the dates it was a couple of weeks too early. He suffered a massive stroke on 4th January 2006 and never emerged from his coma, so this is not a heliacal rising event. But in terms of the thirteen phases of Venus, it becomes even more interesting, for when he was initially struck down transiting Venus was in the Completion phase of her cycle. This phase begins with Venus' station in the evening sky, following which she turns retrograde. The phase lasts around 15 days, with Venus high in the sky and very bright to begin with, but getting increasingly lower and dimmer each evening as she accelerates towards the Sun. By the end of the phase she's been consumed by its rays, and Venus was close to this point when Ariel Sharon succumbed. As Venus shifted from high to low and from visibility to invisibility, Sharon moved from an elevated position in the external world to one where he was no longer seen by the world, and we can only assume that any activity that was going on was purely internal. 
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As we know, he remained in a coma for eight years, then on 1st January 2014 doctors issued a statement to say his condition was deteriorating. He died ten days later on 11th January at 14:00 local time, which is less than half an hour before the exact inferior conjunction of Sun and Venus. That means he died during the dying embers of the Venus cycle eight years on, in the final, thirteenth phase of Transition. And transition is exactly what he did, his soul being released from his body when Venus was just two minutes short of an exact conjunction.  

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