Tuesday 24 September 2013

Official Membership

Up until this year we haven't had an official membership as such: basically, our 'members' were anyone who turned up. At the AGM back in May we decided to change this so that regular attendees could become official members to distinguish them from people who just come once in a blue moon and give them a few benefits.

So as from September, if you'd like to be a member, an annual fee of £5 is payable. This is on top of the usual monthly £3 (currently), but it means that you can attend the Annual Spring Seminar (Melanie Reinhart in 2014!) at a members rate - which will probably save you more than £5 right off - though we haven't finalised this year's ticket prices yet. And attend the AGM for free. So actually, if you are a regular attendee and you would come to the Spring Seminar anyway, you're better off for doing this! 

10 of us are official members as of the September meeting, and we're expecting more over the next few months. 

October 2013 will also see us drawing up a very simple 'constitution' for the group, even though we've had some issues with that in the past.  

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