Wednesday 16 October 2013

Guest speaker Alex Trenoweth comes to us in February 2014

Alex Trenoweth - Growing Pains: Astrology in Adolescence

Our next guest speaker, Alex Trenoweth, will be with us on Sunday 9th February 2014, in our usual afternoon monthly talk slot, 2.30-5.30pm. 

Drawing on her extensive experience as an astrologer and secondary school teacher, Alex Trenoweth demonstrates the pattern of growth and development during adolescence, the time of the first Jupiter return followed by the first Saturn opposition. The placement of these planets provide valuable clues to how a person learns and then finds meaning in the lessons of life.

Alex Trenoweth (click to view her website) studied astrology for many years with the FAS and also worked with the Wheel of Astrologers at Glastonbury Festival and the Big Green Gathering. She was also a speaker at the United Astrology Conference in 2008 and is the current editor for the Astrology Quarterly. She works as a Humanities teacher at a London secondary school where she is also head of year 9. In her spare time she writes fiction and plays the trumpet in the South London Jazz Orchestra. "Growing Pains" is her first book but there are others pending publication. 

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